Morning sessions run from 08:30 - 11:30 am
Afternoon sessions run from 12:30 - 3:00 pm
Our morning sessions are aimed at the older children within our setting. The afternoon sessions are aimed at the younger children, with a higher staff:child ratio. Activities are tailored accordingly.


 Our staff are very flexible and will work with you to ensure that your child settles in smoothly. Your child will need to bring a spare set of clothes and Wellington boots in a bag to place on their peg. Please also ensure that your child has clothes appropriate to the season. If your child needs a comfort toy, such as a special blanket or cuddly toy, please make sure that it also comes in their preschool bag.


With the exception of a special comfort toy (see above), please discourage your child from bringing their own toys to play with during our sessions as this can lead to upset if other children try to play with these toys. The staff cannot be held responsible for the safety or whereabouts of any toys brought in to the preschool.

However, we do encourage children to bring items in for "show and tell", and these will be placed securely in a box during the normal session time.


During the Preschool Stage, the children work towards early learning goals which cover seven main areas of their development and learning:

1. Personal, social and emotional development.
2. Physical development.
3. Communication and language.
4. Literacy.
5. Mathematics.
6. Understanding of the World.
7. Expressive arts and design.

The sessions over a week are carefully planned so that all seven areas of learning are addressed and each child has a specifically tailored play plan to help him/her develop equally across all seven areas, at their own individual pace. Each child will be assigned a  keyworker.  The keyperson is specifically responsible for following your child's progress and development.

There are opportunities for the children to experience a wide variety of activities such as numerical games, sharing books, using construction toys, role play, "show and tell", using the computer, writing activities, painting, colouring, sticking, play dough modelling, playing in sand or water, etc. There is also an all-weather covered outdoor learning area along with an open wooded area where the children can extend the indoor activities and/or use our climbing and balancing apparatus, ride an assortment of trikes and pedal cars, play in our sand pit, etc.

The children have a mid-session drink (milk, or water) and a healthy snack (e.g. fresh and dry fruit, bread sticks, cheese).

At the start of each half term, the preschool newsletter contains information on that half-term's theme and its planned activities. In addition to this, there are regular notices on the Parents' Noticeboard and website with information on topics and events to be covered during that half term.


We encourage parents to come into the Preschool and help if they are able. At times, when we have planned an outing, parents will be requested to come along as helpers. However, parents can also help by washing toys and dressing-up clothes; bringing in junk for models as required; donating supplies.

The preschool is run by a voluntary committee of parents, guardians and/or relatives and a very real way of supporting your child's education/development is to help with the running and management of the preschool. All offers of help are welcome and appreciated.
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